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Designaglow - Modern Minimalist™ Studio Look Book & Product Catalog

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous - Releases' started by gudangtemplate, May 25, 2017.

  1. gudangtemplate

    gudangtemplate Administrator Mimin

    studio_look_book_032816_01.jpg studio_look_book_032816_02.jpg studio_look_book_032816_03.jpg studio_look_book_032816_04.jpg studio_look_book_032816_05.jpg studio_look_book_032816_06.jpg studio_look_book_032816_09.jpg

    Since we know you have to show it if you want to sell it, Design Aglow offers our very own ready to use Studio Look Book. Professionally written and graphically designed, our fully customizable template is divided into categories to help sell all your fabulous studio offerings, with everything from albums to wall galleries, specialty items, high resolution negatives and more.

    Our 26 page, 8x10 catalog template makes selling every single product your studio offers an easy and beautiful experience. Order today and introduce your studio to the next chapter in higher sales. Our deluxe version includes 40+ professionally photographed studio product images with placeholders for your images to look like the product was created by your studio (worth over $25,000) for successful sales through show and sell. The basic version includes everything except product images. Simply insert your own product photo into our layouts.

    • Stunning product guide as a press printed book to take with you on order sessions or keep in the studio
    • Show as an online PDF guides or print as a 26 page magazine to give to clients
    • Introduce your products/lines one page at a time as a postcard, e card, newsletter, or blog post

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