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Font Bundle | 25 in 1 1658365

Discussion in 'FONTS' started by MR.CM, May 16, 2018.

  1. MR.CM

    MR.CM The Uploader


    TTF OTF WOFF PSD AI | Size: 5.6 MB
    25 fonts from 12 families
    A Premium collection of Serif, San Serif, Didone, Stencil and Script fonts. Add a touch of elegance to your font library with these well-balanced, professional typefaces. Perfect as Display Fonts, this large collection of digital typefaces are perfect when combining with handwritten fonts. Housing a large array of weights, Opentype Features and swashes, to cater to any occasion.
    This Discount isn't available on any other platform.
    Great Additions for:
    Branding/ Commercial
    Editorials & Magazines
    Cards & Stationary
    Wedding Invitations
    Business Cards & Postcards
    Titles & Headings
    Restaurants/ Menu
    Opentype Features: (Available on most of these fonts)
    PUA (private use areas)
    Multilingual: European Languages
    Stylistics alternates
    Discretionary ligatures
    Standard ligatures

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  2. Jakstashoe

    Jakstashoe New Member

    Thank you! youre the best sir!
  3. exo005

    exo005 Member

    thank you for sharing this awesome font, it's so useful
  4. balebeta

    balebeta New Member

    this is awesome font. i must have one
  5. What a beatiful collection. Really thank you for it.
  6. pital suripal

    pital suripal Member

    thank you so much for sharing... this is really helping me :)
  7. mrAnmol

    mrAnmol Member

    hanks you so much, great sharing and nice collection
  8. thisisilham

    thisisilham New Member

    it really help me doing my job. thank you
  9. Titanus

    Titanus Member

    Great font, and great post, thanks you!
  10. arz_arz

    arz_arz New Member

    helo, apprecate you shared ths, big hug XOXO
  11. lindo rasyid

    lindo rasyid New Member

    this is a beautiful font that i want it...
  12. Lher Ocampo

    Lher Ocampo Member

    Thank you! youre the best sir!
  13. Jamesnorman

    Jamesnorman Member

    what a collection this is.. thank you for everything
  14. umarlive

    umarlive Member

    Thank you so much for shating.
  15. chandrafs

    chandrafs New Member

    Very nice These looking great fonts, I am really like them.
  16. hasbull

    hasbull New Member

    am trying to check out some of the stuffs here which seem to be intriguing
  17. xxandy

    xxandy Member

    thank you for sharing theses great fonts

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