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Jimmy Mcintyre - The Art of Photography Video Course

Discussion in 'Tutorial Video' started by gudangtemplate, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. gudangtemplate

    gudangtemplate Administrator Mimin


    Jimmy Mcintyre - The Art of Photography Video Course
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  2. wadi

    wadi Member

    thanks for the course surely it will help
  3. Roxzdaflr

    Roxzdaflr Member

    oh Photography Course, this one i'm looking for
    i hope theres alot of this course like
  4. thomas

    thomas Member

    thanks a lot for the cource
  5. Yuliya

    Yuliya Member

    Beautiful ! this is very interesting, thank you for to share.
  6. Giovanni

    Giovanni New Member

    thanks for your file in this site
  7. afterz

    afterz Member

    Love it, thank you very much
  8. georgegates5

    georgegates5 New Member

    thank you but the 3rd link upon downloading, the file is corrupted.
  9. ferelpis

    ferelpis New Member

    thnxxxx i was looking for it!!!!
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  10. GENiUSr

    GENiUSr New Member

    Can you please post a course over cinematography and lighting?
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  11. kinhkog

    kinhkog New Member

    Sound interesting, thank you for posting it. I think i will be learnt somethings new.
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  12. vipulj

    vipulj New Member

    Thanks for the sharing this video course is a great and helpful
  13. chachirata

    chachirata New Member

    muchas gracias por el aporte, excelente material
  14. Souffi

    Souffi New Member

    Thanks for this great sharing! Just what I need to progress
  15. Qsdfgh

    Qsdfgh New Member

    Th si si si dpijf diipe
  16. memoirs

    memoirs New Member

    This looks great! I would love to check it out. Thanks!!!
  17. aosan4naconda

    aosan4naconda Member

    thanks for sharing this tutorial really good
  18. georgegates5

    georgegates5 New Member

    Hi Admin,

    Just to let you know, few files are missing, I downloaded from both uploadcloud and google drive same issue.

    It is missing one PDF files:
    1. How To Shoot The Milky Way

    It is also missing 3 Video files base on Jimmy website " Free Bonus #2 - Three Part Beginner Photoshop Course"

    There is also a missing "Free Bonus #1 - Photoshop action scripts" but I feel those above are far more important as it shows Jimmy's technique and advice.

    Kindly advise and update link if possible?

    Thank you for your upload.
  19. Avishek Prasad

    Avishek Prasad New Member

    amazinh.. in love with this fucking awesome stuff
  20. juanmariacv

    juanmariacv New Member

    Please, can you upload the links?
  21. BillySU

    BillySU New Member

    Thanks but the links are not working. Can you please repost/update?
  22. gudang123

    gudang123 New Member

    Thanks a lot for sharing, looks like a great tut
  23. gaber_ciancia

    gaber_ciancia New Member

    Thank you so much for the links!!
  24. Elem3ntal

    Elem3ntal New Member

    Thanks a lot.I hope that links are still alive.
  25. morganlag

    morganlag New Member

    love this guy
    thanks you very much
  26. candra26c

    candra26c New Member

    Thank You for the great Content
  27. tradetowin

    tradetowin New Member

    Looks really good.

    Thanks for making this available.
  28. dlm999

    dlm999 New Member

    Looks very good. Thank you for posting :)
  29. rightlove

    rightlove New Member

    Thanks a lot! Love it :D
  30. Dando2112

    Dando2112 Member

    Thanks but the links are not working. Can you please repost/update?
  31. Kushaal

    Kushaal Member

    Read there is missing files, please do update and let us know, we all are eager to learn but most importantly thanks so much for this upload :)
  32. margincall

    margincall New Member

    thank you i was looking for this
  33. Dasker

    Dasker New Member

    blya kak u vas slojno vse pizdec))
  34. ner000

    ner000 New Member

    Thanks a bunch for this! Hope it's as good as I want it to be.
  35. deyansky

    deyansky New Member

    Hello! I'm searching for this course a few months. Thanks!
  36. Giovi1970

    Giovi1970 New Member

    thanks a lot for the cource
  37. LeLeLe

    LeLeLe New Member

    thanks for this awesome post mate. you made my day, week, month and even my year
  38. fanta23

    fanta23 New Member

    Thanks a lot! Love it :D
  39. kuyasakti

    kuyasakti New Member

    i will learn a lot from this if i watch it properly, thanks!
  40. umarlive

    umarlive Member

    thanks for the course surely it will help
  41. Chime Tashi

    Chime Tashi New Member

    Thank you so much - This is awesome
  42. Gregory Pearson

    Gregory Pearson New Member

    [If you find this word, you are duplicating a word, do not do it, you can be banned] Please Edit!!
  43. ssgedit

    ssgedit New Member

    awesome post bro thank u so much for this great post
  44. kdh999

    kdh999 New Member

    Sound interesting, thank you for posting it.
  45. lollllll

    lollllll Member

    omfg never thought i would find this
  46. Tong Ly

    Tong Ly Member

    thanks for the course surely it will help
  47. What a good material. Really thank you for this gift.
  48. Andi66

    Andi66 New Member

    I like Jimmy Mcintyre. Thank you for the video.
  49. affandialfian

    affandialfian New Member

    great, thank you very much for the video
  50. Thank you so much - This is awesome
  51. jejemtl

    jejemtl New Member

    i love to learn and improve my skills thans
  52. Lim Bu

    Lim Bu Member

    thank you for the wondeful video, will be very useful for learning
  53. Ammap13

    Ammap13 New Member

    Thank you for sharing this awesome video
  54. Hangolexa

    Hangolexa New Member

    thank your for the course dude
  55. Minnaem

    Minnaem Member

    Very nice video tutorial,thank you
  56. memoirs

    memoirs New Member

    Thanks so much. been looking for this one for a while
  57. Dave Mirrow

    Dave Mirrow Member

    this cource is amazing. thank you so much for sharing

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