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PRETTY FILM: Pastels Collection

Discussion in 'Lightroom Presets' started by GraphicRiver, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. GraphicRiver

    GraphicRiver The Uploader

    Join (1).jpg

    Lightroom Presets - PRETTY FILM: Pastels Collection
    LRTemplate | Win + Mac
    Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic and Creative Cloud.
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  2. madamsjr05

    madamsjr05 Member

    These are really awesome. Thanks for the share!!
  3. estefa

    estefa New Member

    i love the presets!! thanks for share :)
  4. Jakstashoe

    Jakstashoe New Member

    cant wait to try these later! thank you
  5. Rokibul

    Rokibul Member

    Love the color grading on this one! Thanks!
  6. love this presets... thank you for sharing this
  7. bosdep

    bosdep New Member

    aku cari cari nih akhirnya dapet juga, thanks!
  8. fajriyann

    fajriyann New Member

    love the presets!! thanks for share
  9. idubmap

    idubmap New Member

    thank you very much, downloading right now
  10. greenmakr

    greenmakr Member

    pretty film with no preview so you odn't really know it is pretty or not oh well thnaks
  11. bainey forgan

    bainey forgan New Member

    i love pretty presets stuff! I hope these are great too
  12. Bellabanana

    Bellabanana Member

    nice! thanks so much for sharing :)
  13. adrie surya k

    adrie surya k New Member

    nice brooooo.... thanks for ur preset....
  14. Tong Ly

    Tong Ly Member

    this presets is so pretty, can't wait to apply to my images.
  15. Titanus

    Titanus Member

    thank you very much, looking this for age!
  16. hope will be good for my style:)
  17. Sudden Death

    Sudden Death Member

    Thank you for sharing these awesome set of presets
  18. lensboi

    lensboi New Member

    this presets is so pretty, can't wait to apply to my images.
  19. whitegrass

    whitegrass New Member

    i love this natural airy pastel style. Thank you!
  20. mrAnmol

    mrAnmol Member

    This is an amazing post. Thanks for the share!!

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