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ThemeForest - Koble v2.0.4 - Business Email Set - 7902937

Discussion in 'ThemeForest' started by hestia, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. hestia

    hestia Moderator

    ThemeForest - Koble v2.0.4 - Business Email Set - 7902937
    Our latest update 2.0 We call this update a Hybrid because we using new popular method to create email that brings a possibility to stacking (responsive) in some unsupported media query app, Yes, as you may know, a regular HTML email relies on media query to achieve a responsive view in native email app(only). With a lot of tests over a month test on IOS 10.3.1(latest at that moment) and Android 4.4. We learn a new solution call Hybrid that can achieve a responsive without media query! So now we able to workaround to create a responsive vision more accurately such as Gmail app! To make our new Hybrid update more awesome we also, add new unique templates(not just 1 but 4) make Koble included 15 main templates!, That make All-in-one to 200+ unique module!(not a duplicated or just difference color) All this with 6 months supports included! You save $250+! and this is a free update for all 3,500+ license owner! join us today and get free update forever! here what the item package offer. if your interest in more notification template. Please visit our Matah set that just update to Hybrid code.
    Free Download : Openload Sendit Zippyshare
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  2. Thiago

    Thiago New Member

    I have been looking for a great email template, thanks
  3. Zypher

    Zypher New Member

    thanks, this look good, thanks for the share
  4. ิbestacard

    ิbestacard New Member

    so i am happy too much Thanks you. A great template.
  5. smarty2005

    smarty2005 Member

    great mail templates for newsletters...thx
  6. Dhyan Sweet

    Dhyan Sweet New Member

    thanks, this look good, thanks for the share
  7. dqsddd

    dqsddd New Member

    Thank you verymuch all you presets are awesome

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